Thallo found her place on hills in the heart of Hvar, at 400 meters above sea level, in the village of Vrisnik. The terraces of this Mediterranean stone house with a pool will give you a pleasurable view of the neighboring villages and towns, green hills, fertile soil and – somewhere in the distance – the sea.

Villa Features

Thallo nestled in the village of Vrisnik, about 5 kilometers away from Jelsa, the nearest town, and the nearest beaches. The main town of Hvar is about 30 kilometers or half an hour drive away.

The original Villa Thallo is over 150 years old, and it was extended and renovated in 2004.

Today Villa has a ground floor, a first floor, an attic and three spacious outer terraces – two smaller ones and a main terrace with a pool.

Grape vine shades the lower terrace, which has a dining area for 10 people, and an upper and main terrace with parasols to protect you from the sun. Typical Mediterranean and occasional exotic plants will keep you company there: rosehip, rosemary, roses, saw palmettos, kumquat… The terraces offer a lovely day view over the hills, fields and the village of Svirče, and the glow of flickering lights of Jelsa, Vrboska and Bol in the night.

Villa Thallo has a total of 135 square meters of interior and 175 square meters of exterior space. Each floor of the interior covers 45 square meters.

The ground floor has a living room with an adjoining kitchen, a bathroom and a small storage room. The ground floor leads to the lower terrace 9 x 5 meters in size.

The first floor has three bedrooms: two bedrooms with double beds and one bedroom with a bunk bed. The first floor also has a bathroom. The floor leads to the upper terrace 8 x 5 meters in size.

The attic has another double bedroom with twin beds, and two extra beds if needed.

Apart from the two previously mentioned terraces, Thallo has the main one, the largest terrace located between the upper and lower terrace. The main terrace is 10 x 9 meters in size, and it has a pool 6 x 4 meters in size and 1.4 meters deep.

Villa has central heating and an indoor fireplace in the living room, which makes it suitable for renting during winter.

Villa Thallo will be a lovely choice for a bigger family or two smaller ones or a group of friends. Thallo is absolutely beautiful in the spring, but believe us – summer becomes it no less. It is only important that you have a liking for viridity, peace and quiet, and that staying a few minutes’ drive away from the first beach or supermarket is no bother if in return you enjoy the nirvana of country idyll on one of the most beautiful island in the world.

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