Galateia is located on the south side of Hvar. It has a beautiful pebble beach in front; you could jump into the sea from the terrace, but don't do it. On the terrace, there is a pool for big people and a pool for small people. Galateia offers perfect sunrises and even more perfect sunsets. And no, we're not exaggerating.

Villa Features

Villa Galateia is in Ivan Dolac, on the south side of Hvar, a side with rather lovely beaches. They say the prettiest, but we won’t brag too much.

Construction of the villa began in 2020 and was completed in 2021.

In numbers – the interior of the villa spans over 245m2 and extends to 3 floors (basement, ground floor, and first floor), while the exterior of the villa extends over 350m2. The basement and the ground floor of the villa cover 75m2 respectively. The villa has a main terrace that extends to the sea and two large balconies, each measuring 32m2. The main pool is 40m2 in size, and the additional baby pool is 10m2 in size.

The main entrance to the villa is at the back; you reach it from a small country road from which you turn to the private parking lot of the villa, where there is usually room for three cars. After a couple of outside stairs, you’ll find yourself inside, on the main staircase of the villa with an interesting railing.

The internal staircase leads both up and down.

Downstairs they lead to the ground floor, where you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area and a living room, but also the first spacious bathroom with a shower tray. In the living room there is a sofa that can accommodate two people if needed, although the ideal capacity of the villa is six. 

The dining and living room area opens through a large glass door to a 32m2 terrace with a beautiful, soothing view of the sea. The wonderful part is that all the interiors of the villa have a beautiful sea view, and the interiors of Villa Galateia are rather minimalist and neutral in color, so that nothing disturbs the zen and the main role of the blue sea.

If we go back up the stairs and head up, we arrive on the first floor of the villa, with a hallway from which you enter the three bedrooms. Two bedrooms have large double beds and glass walls that lead directly to a 32m2 terrace with a magical view of the sea and the Adriatic archipelago. The third room has a smaller, French bed for children and those who feel like ones.

On the first floor, there are also two bathrooms with shower trays; one is en-suite and belongs to the right master bedroom, whereas the other bathroom with a shower tray is shared by the other two rooms on the left.

If we return to the ground floor, go out on the terrace, and descend the stairs by the pool to the basement, there is a new kind of joy waiting for us. Wine! There you’ll find a small wine cellar, a lovely room with a selection of the best Hvar wines, and some Croatian... In villa Galateia can be organized a wine tasting of Hvar winemakers, at your request. One of the owners is an oenologist, so he knows what he's talking about. There is also another shower in the basement.

If we are still sober enough to climb a couple of necessary stairs to get back to the terrace, we can finally swim there, and the choice for swimming is vast. If we had too much wine, there is a small pool where anyone can sober up (safely). Those who drink in moderation can jump into the regular pool, while those who take a glass of wine tops or those who don’t drink at all can walk down a few steps to the lower, second exit of the villa and hit the pebble beach for a serious swim in the beautiful, perfectly clean, azure sea.

When you’re done swimming, return to the main terrace of the villa, grill a fine piece of fresh fish, sit at the outdoor dining table with the people you have chosen to spend your vacation with (family, friends, it doesn't matter; what does matter is that they make you happy), eat fish, drink the rest of the wine, take deep breaths (because if there were no villa, the air here alone would provide endless pleasure), admire the view, lie down on a comfortable deck chair, chill, enjoy the smell of Mediterranean foliage, and think about what you did to deserve such beauty. If you don’t know, there’s another outdoor shower right next to you. It also has cold water.

And there is an additional toilet. So, we have everything. More than we need.

Life is Beautiful. That sentence describes this place under the sun better than any other.

On the walls of the villa you can see paintings by the artist Zoran Toković. Zoran Toković was born in 1956 in Zrenjanin. He graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Rijeka in the field of fine arts. He lives and works in Izola and Trieste. If you like the pictures, you can buy them.

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