This time last year, it was all about planning. These days, it's all about counting.

The Villas Hvar team counted something different. They counted how many tree seedlings they have planted. Villas Hvar team planted eighty-one tree seedlings in the season of 2020, looking forward to a brighter future.


Villas Hvar is a small but innovative brand on the Croatian tourist scene owned by two friends, Dalibor Plenkovic and Majda Moskatelo.

plant tree on Hvar Island

Villas Hvar has a recognizable presentation and marketing model that offers the primary services that the brand deals with and promotes the island of Hvar as a whole – its historical, cultural, and traditional values.

The company's corporate culture, its innovative approach to business, and well-known reputation are confirmed by abundant feedback from Villas Hvar guests and satisfied business partners on ​​the island of Hvar.

Villas Hvar launched the PAST TIME PERFECT project in 2020, not the happiest year for new projects. Still, Dalibor and Majda believe that this (for all of us a very challenging) year is the best possible time to send a message about their values and the values of the Villas Hvar brand.

About the PAST TIME PERFECT project

The project aims to move away from previous forms of tourism and replace the concept of "sea-sun-landscape" with "culture-tradition-environment". The project aims to transform tourism and scale-up off-season activities, strengthening Hvar and Croatia's image as a destination tourism area of a ​​high level of quality and uniqueness of the tourist offer.

The PAST TIME PERFECT project also has an environmental and ethnological component, pointing out the importance of the island's environmental sustainability.

plant tree on Hvar Island

As part of the PAST TIME PERFECT project, we have included our guests who want to participate in the joint planting of trees. At the end of the year, our guests will get the exact coordinates of the tree seedlings they have planted as the most beautiful possible reminder of their visit to the island.

The project also includes a plan for the Villas Hvar team to plant one tree on their island every year for each booking. With the project HELP US PLANT A TREE, Villas Hvar also wants to contribute to the local community and the world in which we all live together. A worryingly large number of trees disappear every day, harvested by humans or damaged in fires.

plant tree on Hvar Island

The planting of the tree seedlings took place on November 6, 2020. With the help of the Hvar Forestry Department of Hrvatske Šume and Jelsa High School professors and students, the Villas Hvar team planted eighty-one Pinus pinea seedlings. The stone pine (Pinus pinea) is a tree from the pine family native to the Mediterranean region. Tree seedlings are planted in the area of Kabal near the sea.

plant tree on Hvar Island

With the project HELP US PLANT A TREE, Villas Hvar encourages socially responsible business, sustainable development of the island of Hvar, genuine care for the local community.

By including students in this project, Villas Hvar also set an example for young people to contribute to their communities and finding greater meaning in life.

plant tree on Hvar Island

The actions Villas Hvar has taken were broadly supported and welcomed by the local business and the rest of the community.

We are more than grateful to all our brave guests who arrived from various countries and contributed to Hvar's environmental sustainability with their visit. The real meaning of life could be to plant trees under whose shade we will not sit. You have left a tremendous personal mark that will be enjoyed by all future generations. Thank you!