The Importance of the Sea for Hvar Tourism

With its infamous sun, spectacular beaches and pristine waters, the main attraction of the sea for Hvar tourism is plain to see, and there is little surprise that most tourists spend a large part of their holiday swimming in the glistening Adriatic.

But while swimming may be the main sea-based activity on Hvar, it is by no means the only one, and the range of sea-based tourism options is in many ways a reflection of the diversity of tourism on Hvar itself.

There has been an explosion of interest in Croatia as a sailing destination, with Hvar and the Pakleni Islands one of the prime destinations. With ACI Marinas in both Vrboska and Palmižana, Hvar has ample capacity to accommodate sailors, as well as plenty of programmes to suit individual needs. Local activity specialists, such as Hvar Adventure (who celebrate ten years on the waves next year), offer popular half- and full- day sailing tours of the Pakleni Islands, which are a Hvar highlight for many, while there also exist the possibility of sailing schools, full sailing weeks and taking part in regattas.

Sea kayaking too is a popular choice, and there are few better ways to experience the magic of Hvar's nature and its hidden coves than by kayak. The southern coast from Hvar Town is particularly attractive and undiscovered, and the sunset sea kayak tour of the Pakleni Islands is about as romantic as life on the water can be.

There are plenty of treasures below the surface too, of course, and established scuba diving centres such as Nautica (in Hvar and Stari Grad) and Viking (in Hvar) offer intriguing ways to investigate underwater gems in and around the Pakleni Islands, as well as courses for beginners.

The seas of Hvar have become increasingly important to promote the island's late-season tourism as well, and the well-established Laser Europa Cup New Year Regatta has now been joined by two more post-season events, which both have the potential to prolong the season and bring quality tourism in October and November.

The Peškafondo squid-fishing championship, organised by Restaurant Gariful, first took place in 2011 as an attempt to prolong the season. It has grown steadily in popularity and internationalism, and this year's Peskafondo, the fourth, which took place in early November, was the biggest ever.


The island and the sea - an inseparable combination for the tourism of Hvar, offering an abunance of possibilities for locals and visitors alike. 

Because of this unbreakable bond, we would like to use this opportunity to stand strong once again against the oil platforms in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. 

Please help us to preserve our beloved, beautiful sea and its wildlife - petition against oil drilling plans can be signed at the following web site -

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for loving and taking care of the nature!

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Credit - Romulić & Stojčić multimedia studio