Hvar Restaurants Away from the Beach

There are plenty of Hvar restaurants to choose from in the coastal towns and hidden bays, but for those prepared to investigate a little further inland, there are some undoubted gastronomic treasures waiting to be discovered.

There are several great restaurants in in the inland villages from Humac to Malo Grablje, where proximity to the sea is exchanged for an authentic traditional Dalmatian dining experience. Here is a brief overview, moving from West to East...

Malo Grablje - Stori Komin

For many, Stori Komin is the best restaurant on the island, and it is certainly difficult to argue with its authenticity. Located in the totally abandoned village of Malo Grablje just outside Hvar Town, owner Berti will whet your appetite with true Dalmatian specialities. No Coca Cola here, but don't leave without trying the lamb.

Velo Grablje - Konoba Zbondini

The concept of Zbondini is authentic Dalmatia as It Once Was. Traditional recipes, local produce, cooked in the same way as it had been for generations. The restaurant itself was full of authentic momentoes of an era gone by. It is hard to find a more authentic culinary experience in the region.  

ps.They have lavender cheesecake there! 

Dol - Konoba Kokot

One of the great additions to the Hvar gastronomic scene, Kokot is one of the best options for vegetarians on the island, with an exceptional range of goat cheese dishes, which are all home-produced. Look out for the asparagus risotto. 

Vrbanj - Bogo's

One of the few restaurants on the island to be open all year, Bogo's has become a firm favourite with locals and workers alike, offering excellent local food at affordable prices. An authentic interior and spacious exterior, it is a great choice for families, especially as it is situated opposite the rather unusual children's attractions by the church.

Vrisnik - Konoba Vrisnik

Another relatively recent addition to the Hvar scene, Konoba Vrisnik is gaining a reputation of excellent food at very affordable prices, couple with some excellent house wines. Particularly recommended is the slow-cooked peka.

Pitve - Dvor Duboković

With its floral gardens, distant sea view and traditional stone setting, Dvor Duboković is rapidly becoming one of the must eats away from the beach, and its wedding business is slowly growing. And the food matches the setting, with Dvor Dubokovic recently winning gold medal at Bunkolovic 2014 in Jelsa.

Humac - Konoba Humac

As with Malo Grablje, there are not many neighbours to disturb the mood at Konoba Humac, which lies at the front of the delightful abandoned shepherd's village of the same name - arguably Dalmatia's leading eco-ethno village. No water and electricity here, and dining by appointment by candelight on a windswept evening can be as magical as a lazy summer's evening overlooking the Adriatic from afar.

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Credit - Romulić & Stojčić multimedia studio