In our opinion, Hvar possesses an enchanting allure regardless of the season.

Certainly, you can navigate through the year without contending with winter's blustery winds and tempests. Yet, there's an indescribable serenity to winter's tranquility that can soothe the soul. Summer, by contrast, is a whirlwind of activity, often overwhelming in its intensity. Hvar's autumns, however, unfold with a gentler, more subdued charm, offering respite from the summer crowds in a tranquil ambiance.


But springtime... Ah, springtime is truly special.

Like the opening notes of a melodious tune, the sun emerges. Perhaps the winter wasn't as harsh, long, or solitary as elsewhere, but it was winter nonetheless. It was a season of hush, solitude, length, and yes, darkness. So, when the first sunbeams caress the island, a symphony of life awakens. Initially, it's an explosion of color.

During the summer months, Hvar is awash with shades of blue and green. Crystal-clear waters and verdant pine trees dominate the landscape, making it challenging to capture the myriad hues of spring. Lavender blooms alongside numerous indigenous plants, painting the island in a palette spanning the rainbow. Fields burst with wildflowers – from poppies to hyacinths, wild garlic to borages, marigolds to onions.


Moreover, the island reverberates with newfound vitality. Indeed, more people return after the winter hiatus, yet the air hums with the sounds of nature stirring from slumber. And then there are the fragrances.

In springtime, Hvar is perfumed with the scent of flowers, lavender, salt, and earth. Its aromas are bewitching; sometimes, simply inhaling the island's essence is enough to evoke a sense of tranquility. Seeking a sanctuary for rejuvenation or a meditative retreat? Springtime Hvar beckons as the ideal destination.

So, what to do during spring months? Plenty.


It may surprise you, but Hvar offers a lot of climbing routes and places.   Moreover, there is a climbing festival at the end of spring, where you can participate – or just watch those daredevils – and conquer some of Hvar's magnificent climbing sites. There is a Hvar climbing guide, with routes, options and locations so you can explore for yourself.


The best way to explore this beautiful island is, arguably, on two wheels. If you're looking for ideas on where & how, we recommend this site, with routes and skill levels attached to every suggestion. Or just bring your bike (yes, we can help) or rent a bike (also, we can help) and start exploring. Check this site also for ideas and recommendations.



Springtime sailing does the trick! With temperatures comfortably warm, sailing enthusiasts can explore Hvar's hidden coves and pristine shores. It's a time when the island's beauty is in full bloom, offering a tranquil and enchanting escape for those seeking the serenity of the seas. We can help you organize your sailing trips and expeditions while on Hvar – don't miss the chance to explore the island from the sea, because the views really are unrivaled.



Distances on Hvar are measured in minutes of walk, not in actual meters. So don't be surprised if you ask a person how far is something, and get the answer, „about 10 minutes“. Keep in mind that everything is 10 minutes away. But keep walking – there is no better way to explore Hvar, especially during springtime, when is just about warm enough for you to be comfortable, and not hot enough to make you tired and unwilling to stroll. Depending on the place of your stay, we can point you in the right direction and help you find the places of interest.



Hvar is an island of wine, and olive oil, and an island where you can explore different tastes, and the true meaning of Mediterranean cuisine. Check out our detailed guide on Hvar traditional cuisine, and contact us so we can recommend wineries, bars and restaurants to try new tastes.