Where are the best views on the island?

As one would expect from one of the top 10 most beautiful islands, the views are plentiful and spectacular. But where to find the very best views on Hvar? Here are six of our favourites.

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1. The Pakleni Islands, as seen from the Spanish Fortress

It is perhaps the iconic view of the island of Hvar, the picture postcard view that gives the wow factor that has attracted thousands to research the view a little more and then eventually to come to Hvar. For centuries, the fortress has been there to guard Hvar from intruders, and one must feel sorry for Hvar's guards over the years. It must have been hard to concentrate on keeping an eye out for attackers with such a dreamy view. To enjoy the view, simply climb the steps to the fortress. 

2. Top Bar, Hotel Adriana 

How to capture the style of Hvar's top hotel with its ancient heritage of Dalmatia's largest square and Pakleni Island heaven? Simply head to the top floor of Hotel Adriana, order a refreshing cocktail and take in a wealth of heritage and beauty while you sip. For heritage, how about the oldest public theatre in Europe or the hotel where organised tourism in Europe began in 1868? And for beauty? Choose from the majestic Spanish Fortress to the left, or the spectacular Pakleni Islands to the right.

3. Sveti Nikola, the peak of the island of Hvar

Ever wondered what it is like to be on top of the world? Few views can beat what awaits you 621 above sea level at Sveti Nikola, the peak of one of the world's ten most beautiful islands. Want to have the total experience - why not drive/hike for sunrise? The early morning views over the Pakleni Island and Vis are unbeatable. But why stop with that view, for a panoramic 360 degree view of Hvar's Adriatic shores await?

4. The Harbour of Vrboska

Known as Little Venice for its picturesque canal and stone bridges, as well as its impressive and unique fortified church, Vrboska is one of the prettiest locations on the Croatian coast. Nestled between Stari Grad and Jelsa on Hvar's northern shore, it is a sailing paradise with its ACI marina and deep bay, and if one place could be described as The Mediterranean as It Once Was, this is it.

5. The bay of Mala Stiniva

There are so may hidden coves and bays on Hvar, each with pristine water, privacy and perhaps an ageing fisherman's cottage, and most visitors to Hvar will have their own private secret place. Few will be able to beat the small hamlet of Mala Stiniva on the eastern part of Hvar's northern coast, which is quite simply Paradise on Earth, and one of Hvar's top secret gems.

6. The view from European Coastal Airlines

A new and very affordable view since August 2014, when the first scheduled seaplane service in Europe started on Hvar. The initial flight from near Split Airport to Jelsa has now been joined by one from downtown Split, as well as an overfly of Hvar from downtown Split to Lastovo, which goes over the Stari Grad Plain, Dubovica and the Sveta Nedjelja vineyards. Too many stunning things to see on one flight. 

Those are our top six views on Hvar. Agree, disagree? Send us your views which you think are better!

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Source - Villa Auxo / Vrboska