Meet Scedro

The island experience on Hvar - there is nothing quite like it. Beaches, nightlife, nature, the sunniest island in Europe, diversity for all. 

But if you are truly looking to escape the crowds, switch off your phone and get back to life before the stress, where to choose on this fabulous, but totally diverse island?

While there are many amazing places to choose from, how about leaving Hvar to find a higher level of tranquility on the small island of Scedro? Located on the south of the island, a short boat ride from the popular resort of Zavala, Scedro is the true epitome of The Mediterranean as It Once Was.

Little has changed here since the monks inhabiting the island in the 15th century slowly died out. The water tank from the original monastery (now a stunning ruin) is still used for water storage today  - no electricity, sewage or running water here - and life can have changed little since their initial presence. Legend has it that when the last nun on Scedro died, there was just one monk left, and in a bid to combat his loneliness, he hauled the heavy wooden door of the entrance to the monastery and used it as a raft to paddle his way to freedom to Hvar.

True or not, the remnants of the monastery remain, located in one of several deep bays which have made Scedro a popular sailing destination. None of the mod cons here, life is as you see it, with food produced locally, and just a few luxuries important from the big island neighbour.

But don't be fooled by the simplicity of life here, for there is real quality. The rosemary honey produced on Scedro came fourth in the world Apimondia in Argentina in 2011, a sign that Dalmatian simplicity can compete with the very best in the world. 

Tourism today is rustic, and based on the pillars of quality Dalmatian life. Pristine nature, the freshest fish, hand-picked fresh vegetables, quality local wine, and the sunniest island in Europe.

If you are looking to party on Scedro, look elsewhere. If you are looking for one of the true gems of hospitality away from the crowds, with a million dollar setting that few tourists come to experience, you are in the right place.

There are daily water taxis across the Scedro Channel to take you to this slice of paradise, off the coast of Paradise, or simply call the restaurant owners and they will come an collect you. It is that kind of place, the kind that will change you. 

The Mediterranean as It Once Was. 

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Credit - Rafael Janic Photography