One Unusual Attraction

With so much information about the island online these days, are there any Hvar secrets left to discover?

One unusual attraction which very few tourists discover are the so-called Tito's Caves, a warren of concrete built into the hills on the very top of Kabal Peninsula at the entrance to Stari Grad Bay. 

They were built of course to protect the island from attack, but they are an interesting attraction in their own right today. Well hidden from the sea, it is easy to miss them as the ferry enters the bay, but if you look carefully on the left hand side, you will see them. 

To reach the caves, head towards to the village of Velika Rudina north of Stari Grad, and simply drive the 12km to the top of the peninsula, where a crude sign "Tunel" will guide you to the entrance. 

Lots of fun and discovery for the children, and if you can make it around sunset, take a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses - the sunsets from the fortifications are among the best and most romantic on the island.

p.s. When already exploring this part of the island - take a walk around the picturesque village of Rudine, Vele (Big) and Mole (Small). You will not regret.

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Credit - Romulić & Stojčić multimedia studio