The island of Hvar - a location which conjures up all sorts of images!

For some Hvar is the ultimate beach destination, both naturist and regular, the sunniest island in Europe and an island with great nightlife.

It is also a destination with astonishing heritage. Until last year, Hvar could broadly boast that it was the only island in the world which has three UNESCO heritages, but that claim is now no longer true, for Hvar now has four!

Each of the four aspects of the island of Hvar reflect the uniqueness of its attractions.

1. Stari Grad Plain. When the Ancient Greeks sailed into the harbour of modern-day Stari Grad, one of their lasting achievements was to form an agricultural colony of some 80 hectares which still operates in much the same way today. Also known as Ager or Hora, the Stari Grad Plain is the largest cultivated field in the Adriatic and is rich in Greek and Roman heritage. Contact us for more information and our specialised walking tours.

*Photo Credit - Rafael Janic Photography

2. Za Križen Easter Procession. For more than 500 years, the people of Hvar take part in a unique annual religious procession through the night on Maundy Thursday before Easter. Six simultaneous processions leave Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirče, Vrbanj and Vrboska to walk 22km through the night of prayer, reflection and pilgrimage on a circular route passing through the churches of all the other villages taking part. The event has taken place every year without interruption, and even took place in the Dalmatian refugee camp in the Sinai Desert in Egypt in 1945.

*Photo Credit - Rafael Janic Photography

3. Agave lace from the Benedictine Nuns. It is the plant that the Mexicans use to make tequila, but tucked away in the back streets of the old town of Hvar is the Benedictine convent, which this year is celebrating 350 years of existence. The nuns make intricate lace from the agave plant, a truly unique Hvar souvenir.

*Photo Source - Tourist Board Hvar

4. And after three UNESCO heritages, the island of Hvar, along with Brač and five other locations on the Mediterranean, gained a fourth in 2013 when the Mediterranean diet was added to the list.

*Photo Credit - Romulić & Stojčić multimedia studio

The island of Hvar - beaches, nightlife, culture, healthy food and UNESCO heritage - why would you go on holiday anywhere else? 

*Author - Paul Bradbury