Hvar Heaven or Hell? That is the question. 

Looking from the Spanish Fortress over the magnificent Pakleni Islands, it would be hard to find a more stunning view in all Croatia, and so it often amuses people to hear that the Pakleni Islands are often translated as 'Hell's Islands'.

If this is Hvar Hell, what would Hvar Heaven look like. 

Hell's Islands is actually a mistranslation, and the real origin of the islands relates to a type of resin traditionally used in boatbuilding.

From the fortress, one could be forgiven for thinking that the islands are pretty much the same, some smaller, some bigger, but all covered in trees, with plenty of little coves for that perfect swimming location. 

In fact, the islands could not be more different, and the diversity on offer is quite staggering.

Looking for a little naturism? The island of Jerolim is home to CNN's number one FKK beach in the world, as well as one of Huffington Post's top seven most secret nudist beaches in Europe.

Looking to party? The bay of Stipanska and the Carpe Diem Full Moon parties have become a byword for summer fun on the Adriatic, or head to the other side of the island of Marinkovac to the idyllic bays of Mlini and Ždrilca.

Visit the closest island of them all, Galešnik, with its eco-ethno village, former Franciscan quarantine station and home to a donkey named Mercedes. Or head to the largest and most diverse island of them all, Sveti Klement.

Known by many as Palmižana, Sveti Klement consists of three main attractions, the ACI Marina, the northern settlement of Vlaka and the southern bay where tourism began on the island in 1906.

Vlaka is the more off the beaten track, but extremely rewarding for those who make the journey. Some vineyards of Andro Tomić are here, just one metre above sea level, as are Roman remains and a mud bath, as well as the excellent Dionis restaurant.

The ACI Marina is the main mooring point for boats coming to Hvar, and a short walk through the magical trees and natures brings you to a spectacular choice - the arboretum, art gallery and restaurant/accommodation complex of Meneghello and Toto's, the Laganini cocktail bar or other quality restaurants such as Zori and Bacchus. All share the same spectacular waterfront. 

A little bit of Heaven on Hvar's Hell's Islands...

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Credit - Romulić & Stojčić multimedia studio