The Island of Šćedro

Looking to escape the crowds and discover the real authentic Dalmatia? For one of the true charming Hvar destinations, the island of Šćedro is hard to beat.

One of the legends of the island concerns why the derelict monastery has no front door. Centuries ago, there were both monks and nuns living on an island which today only has a full-time population of just one family.

When the last nun died, there remained just one monk on the small island off Hvar's southern shore. As he did not want to remain and die alone, he hauled the heavy wooden door from the monastery to the nearby bay, putting into the Adriatic, before lying on top to paddle his way to freedom on the bigger island of Hvar nearby.

The monk's isolation highlights one of the beauties of Šćedro - almost nobody visits, but those who do have an unforettable experience. No water and electricity here (indeed the monastery's watertank is still in use today), but a true escape from the modern world in an idyllic paradise, where the island's bees produced the fourth best rosemary honey in the 2011 Apimondia in Argentina.

Its deep bays make it a sailing paradise and there are several bays of untouched nature, where you can find a true release from the pressures of the world.

Life, such as it is, is centred on two northern bays, one of which is home to the impressive monastery, which was this year put to use as a wedding location, as a member of the resident Kordić family tied the knot.

There are a couple of restaurants, basic but comfortable accommodation and a chance to experience life on the Mediterranean as it once was. Lunch is always fresh, courtesy of the fruits of the Adriatic, and don't miss the homemade Kordić bread.

It is of course possible to sail into the bays, but if you are without boat, there are water taxis from Zavala on the 'mainland', or Šćedro's restauranteurs will be happy to pick you up by appointment. 

Finally, Šćedro is also one of the most romantic location for a wedding - please take that into consideration if you are planning one soon :)

More details and some cute amateur photos of Šćedro you can check under the following link -

*Author - Paul Bradbury
*Photo Credit - Marijo Bašić for Kristina & Saša