It looks just the way it sounds; a product of love between Gaia, the goddess of the earth, and Uranus, the god of the sky, Villa Rhea is a place that joins the earth and the sky in the best possible way, bringing those who stay there a beauty of space in perfect blend with the serenity of nature.

Villa Features

We had never seen a house on Hvar that has so many different details, colors, shapes, and materials, all in perfect harmony. We’d never seen it until we saw Rhea. Imagine an old autochthonous stone house over 200 years old, renovated and decorated by a cosmopolitan and aesthete. Everything is in its place, well-matched. Everything about that house invites order, nobility, beauty. An outstanding feeling. Just add to it the vision and ambiance of the picturesque village of Brusje and the pristine nature surrounding it – the glory of a comfortable, good life can begin!

… and if you get tired of escapism, there’s always the vivid town of Hvar, a five-minute drive away.

Villa Rhea spreads over 835m2 exterior and 180m2 of interior on three floors. The estate is situated on a large plot of land with a large private parking area, gardens, and terraces including a stunning 12.5m long swimming pool, ideal for swimmers. Such a beauty, we love it.

The ground floor of the villa is maintained as a unified open space with excellently equipped kitchen and extremely enjoyable and appealing dining area and living room. There is also a large open fireplace and a cozy nook to while away lazy afternoons with a good book. The floors are maintained in beautiful travertine stone tiles. From this space three double doors lead onto the main terrace running along the entire front of the house, with ample space for a dining table where the entire family can enjoy healthy Mediterranean gastronomy pleasures.

On the first floor, there are two double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a library and TV area leading onto a "volta", a shady quiet terrace on the backside of the house. On the second floor, there are two double bedrooms with their own bathrooms connected by a gallery overlooking the library.

The first and second floors are maintained in beautiful oak wood-boards. The original character of the house, with exposed stonewalls, has been maintained throughout, yet the interior has been carefully designed to create a uniquely crafted space of comfort and beauty. We are particularly fascinated by the combination of tradition and modernity, the way in which they tango around the villa, leaving even the harshest of critics and the most critical of eyes breathless.

The Villa is a dream come true for all creatives, artists, designers, poets... but also for those heartbroken. After one week in Rhea, we guarantee your broken heart will be fully mended. Our hearts are not broken, but maybe we are poets, as we dream of this kind of stone house (at the end of the village) every day. We have to admit that we envy you on this beautiful aesthetic and rural experience.


Due to its special architectural features, villa Rhea is not suitable for children under 12 years old. 

When we took photos of the villa - exterior was work in progress, so the exterior pictures are not perfect.

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