Villa Eros

Hvar, sleeps: 15


It has beautiful interiors, carefully chosen furniture, lots of interesting details. While relaxing by the pool, surrounded by a delightful garden, there is a perfect view of the sea, nearby islands and Italy. It has a fantastic position in a fantastic town. But, what makes this villa so different from all the others?

Villa Features

Stunning Villa Eros is located in the Hvar Town in the area called Križna Luka. It is situated on the waterfront in the quiet and attractive setting amongst other family villas and just a 20-minute of relaxing walk from the town center. During summer season Hvar center looks and feels almost like a cosmopolitan beehive – the atmosphere is lively at all times and the town never shuts down. Villa Eros, on the other hand, is a Zen-like zone in the middle of that hive.

Villa Eros in not only a botanical garden of a sort, but also a kind of Croatian contemporary art gallery. Villa spaces are filled with beautiful paintings and artwork. The villa owner is a rather interesting lady equally in love with art and nature and those great passions of hers are present in every corner of this thousand square meter space you will have at your disposal.

Villa Eros was last renovated in 2012. The house itself has 300 m2 while the entire estate is about 1000 m2 and includes the overflowing pool and a beautiful cascaded garden with several large terraces overlooking the sea.

The villa is divided into two luxury apartments each measuring 150 m2. One apartment is on the ground floor while the other is on the first floor where is also located a charming summer pavilion.

Stairway leads from the main door of this amazing property through the vivid, fragrant garden to the entrance of the ground floor lounge area.

In the lounge area there are two large wooden beds and a dining room and from there a sliding door leads to a large terrace with an amazing sea view. Indoor archway connects the lounge area with the kitchen and breakfast bar. On the ground floor there are two more double bedrooms, one with en-suite bathroom and a separate entrance from the terrace. Another double bedroom with two single beds is on the same floor as well as one bathroom with the shower unit and another with a bathtub. Surrounding the entire floor is spacious terrace with a large dining table, garden furniture and sun loungers perfect for relaxing time.

Another set of stairs lead to the first floor apartment. That apartment consists of a main lounge with the sofa that can be turned into a double bed. Lounge area exits to the amazing terrace overlooking the sea and a magical garden below. Two bedrooms with double beds and one bedroom with twin beds are located on this floor and each room has its own bathroom. Also, all rooms exit to a long balcony overlooking the garden and perfectly blue sea. Fully equipped kitchen is on the first floor as well.

Besides two apartments there is also a summer pavilion with an open summer kitchen and dining area with open barbecue unit perfect for guests to enjoy local culinary delights surrounded by the exquisite garden.

Laundry room with washer and drier is there together with the swimming pool shower unit.

Inside this lush Mediterranean garden there is an overflowing pool that is illuminated during nighttime and heated during winter period.

There is also a sun deck, deck chairs, ping-pong table and all other necessary and not so necessary accessories for a comfortable lounging by the pool.

Numerous shaded terraces with garden furniture are all around the estate and there are many wonderful little nooks below the pine trees that are perfect for a relaxing time with your favorite book.

Off road parking for two cars is provided for the villa guests. Garage parking for two additional cars is available for a fee of €15 per car per day.

On the estate there is an additional apartment for the servants so the guests can have all the help they need always available right there on the spot. A maintenance person that takes care of the garden and the pool is on the estate on a daily basis. Also, if they order them online, guests can have groceries waiting for them upon arrival and there is no delivery fee.

The largest pebble beach in Hvar Town called Pokonji Dol is located approximately 500 m from the villa. The water there is crystal clear and the beach is ideal for children. There is also a rocky beach in front of the villa and we are sure your morning swim there will be refreshing and enjoyable.

Located on such large plot Villa Eros ensures complete privacy. The century old pine trees together with some exotic plants in the garden create a natural green fence that protects the guests from the eyes of the people walking by.

Palm trees, yucca trees, cacti, bougainvillea, lavender and aloe are just some of the plants that will keep you company during your stay in Villa Eros.

Villa Eros is very elegant, modern, cozy, colorful ... and it bursts with positive energy. Nature and art are true ruling forces of this place and its ambiance. Everything else comes second. And it is just perfect that way. The owner managed to combine her two great passions creating an exquisite place and proving that miracles are possible.

We love Eros and we recommend it to all who identify with famous statement of George Carlin’s; life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

IMPORTANT NOTICE from the owner

1. Upon arrival, please hand over your identification documents (due to the fact that all visitors must be reported to the Tourist Association within 24 hours of their arrival). We would also kindly ask you to deposit in cash the amount of €800 we agreed upon. The deposit will be fully refunded to you when you leave in case of there is no damage to the property. If there is damage, an appropriate amount will be deducted. We reserve the right to apply a charge higher than the house deposit if repairs cost more than the amount of the deposit. If the final cleaning fee is not paid by invoice in advance it has to be paid by key handover together with the house deposit or deducted from the same by check out.

2. The villa is fully furnished and decorated, therefore we would like it to be that way when you leave. Please be careful with our furniture. Do not touch paintings and other works of art and please do not move them. There is an inventory list in the house. If there are any damages or missing items compared to the inventory, please report them to the owner within 24 hours from arrival on the villa. Please do not take the furniture, linen and towels out of the house and into the garden. There is garden furniture at your disposal as well as towels by the pool. Our staff will regularly clean the pool and the garden. The amenities of the property shall be used entirely at hirer's own risk. 

We wish that you feel comfortable in our house, even better than at home, therefore we ask you to take care of the house, the garden and the inventory as it is your own. Villa Eros is fully finished and then decorated in the perfect order for you. We would like it to be that way when you leave. Please be careful with our furniture and please do not move them. We will take care of the usual final cleaning, washing the glass walls and windows, change of linen, however, we expect that you will not leave dirty dishes, food leftovers, bottles and glasses everywhere. Please take your garbage
out of the villa.

3. Villa Eros is surrounded with a large garden where you can enjoy in the intimacy of your family and friends. It has a pleasant space surrounding the swimming pool, as well as open summer pavilion, kitchen and barbecue where you can prepare and enjoy your food. However, even though it is situated further from the center of Hvar, it is a subject to strict rules concerning noise, so that all guests can feel equally pleasant. We would like to kindly ask you not to play the music in the garden after 11 PM and adjust your behavior to night rest and peace. We are sorry we had bad experience - some neighbors called the police because they complained about the noise and every police intervention can lead to fines. We would like to avoid it in your and our interest.

Love at First Sight

He was lying by the pool while watching the fluffy white clouds sail over the blue sky above him.  He heard some chatter from the inside of the house but he couldn’t really make out what was said. He was trying to figure out how in the world did they end up in this perfectly beautiful villa, in a perfectly beautiful town, on a perfectly beautiful island.

It was no secret their relationship was far from perfect for quite some time now. All their friends knew that very well as well. The obvious question was why are they still together, and the answer was actually very simple – he loved her more than life itself. And she felt exactly the same.

Their problems arrived unannounced, as they have tendency to do. One morning, like so many mornings before, he reached for her in their warm bed, but she flinched without a word of explanation. And so it began. Several months has passed since that morning and she was still ignoring all his well meaning attempts to patch things up. Nothing was working, not even the gentle words, nice surprises or wonderful gifts. At this point the shell could only be opened by the use of force, and that was not his style.


They had lunch on the terrace – brodetto made of lobster, monkfish, sea eel and crab was absolutely delicious. Their friends decided to take a little trip after lunch and visit the beaches on Pakleni Islands while she disappeared somewhere.

He found her in the living room staring at the painting with the inscription saying Odalisca. The painting showed a naked woman lying on a red bed sheets holding some abstract object in her hand. At least it seemed abstract to him.

He tried to engage her in conversation by asking what she thinks the woman in the painting is holding and she quietly replied that the whole problem of their relationship is summed in that very question – he does not see what she sees. She continued saying how gifts and compliment mean not much to her; she wanted him to understand the essence of her being and her need for something stable, something constant. She appreciated his diplomatic career but she could not spend any more endless and lonely hours in some rented apartment who knows where while he is on business meetings, lunches, dinners… She simply no longer wanted to be unhappy.

He looked at her as she finally opened up and poured out all the words that were for months locked inside of her. The dam was finally broken. He sat on a chair next to her and tried to hug her. Two pea size tears went down the soft lines of her beautiful face and this time she did not reject his touch.

She kissed him wistfully, with such sadness. That was the first time in his life that he could actually feel the intensity of someone else’s pain. He told her that nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is more important to him than her happiness. He would give anything to see her smiling again.

The corners of her heart shaped lips flickered just for a second and it gave him hope. He laid his hand on her black, silky hair and looked back at the picture with the inscription saying Odalisca one more time. He does not know how, but in that very moment he could see clearly what the woman in the painting was holding in her hand.

  • sleeps 12+3
  • bedrooms 6
  • bathrooms 6
Amenities - Inside
Amenities - Inside
  • fully equipped kitchen x 2
  • AC x 4 / 2 units per apt
  • dining for 16 people
  • stove x 2
  • dishwasher x 2
  • refrigerator / freezer x 2
  • toaster
  • coffee machine
  • microwave
  • washing machine
  • clothes dryer
  • iron / ironing board
  • hair dryer
  • SAT TV x 2
  • DVD inc home theater x 2
  • iPod stereo
  • wi-fi
  • safe x 2
  • baby cot upon request x 2
  • child’s highchair upon request x 2
  • all linens provided
  • all towels provided
Amenities - Outside
Amenities - Outside
  • private pool / size 7.5m x 3.5m
  • garden terraces
  • garden furniture
  • all terraces with dining areas
  • sun deck
  • sun loungers and parasols
  • hammocks
  • ping-pong table
  • bicycles
  • summer kitchen
  • dining for 16 people
  • refrigerator / freezer x 2
  • stove
  • oven
  • dishwasher
  • BBQ
  • private parking / 2+2 cars
Additional Services
Additional Services
  • maid service
  • chef service
  • food & beverage delivery
  • garaged parking for 2 cars
  • laundry service
  • baby sitting
  • massage
  • trips to Palmižana
  • other services upon arrangement
Town of Hvar

"The peculiarity of its position, together with homogeneity and wholeness of its space gives impression that Mediterranean is not only a world for itself, but also a centre of the whole world – sea surrounded by land, the land around the sea, the centrality of both. The sun that rises above it seems to be there for the sole purpose of shining bountifully upon them; seems simply theirs and theirs alone. (...) The impact of vertical sunrays causes, apparently, a certain psychological phenomena either permanent or transitory. Unusual openness and airiness of the sky stimulates mystical states or fear of transcendence."

(Matvejević, Predrag: "Mediterranean - A Cultural Landscape")

Located on the gorgeous south side of the island, facing the sun and the sea stands so beautiful and proud the magical town of Hvar. And it is neither secret nor surprise that Hvar is an object of love and longing for so many. The town of Hvar is simply not a provincial and modest little town and that is a fact.

We will tell you a short story about the historic events that helped shaped Hvar into what it is today. We will talk about the events that formed the spirit and character of today’s Hvar – a place that takes your breath away with such ease.

At the end of the 13th century Hvar came under Venetian authority and that was probably the most crucial event in its history since at that particular time the centre of the diocese and municipal administration moved from the town of Stari Grad to Hvar Town. That caused Hvar to rapidly gain importance because it automatically became the Adriatic naval station and an important transit center. That also caused their inhabitants to expand the range of their businesses to not only farming and fishing but more importantly to sailing and trade. 

Great economic boom was in accordance with the cultural development that culminated in the renaissance era. As a result of that, Hvar and Croatia are now proud of many great poets, playwrights, historians and theologians. The physical manifestation of this glorious period is best reflected in the form of the first public theatre founded in Hvar, the oldest public theatre in Europe. 

The Venetian era ended in the late 18th century when Hvar fell under the Austrian authority. That lasted until the early 20th century with the exception of seven years during 19th century when the French occupied the area. 

The development of modern tourism in Hvar started around the second half of the 19th century and the first hotel was built in the early 20th century. An interesting fact is that the first hotel in Hvar named "Carica Elizabeta" (Empress Elisabeth), was built upon the foundations of the Venetian Duke’s Palace, symbolically marking the transition to a new era of Hvar history.

Today’s Hvar is the perfect combination of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and a very long tourism tradition. Everyone was visiting Hvar throughout centuries - from ancient Greeks through medieval Austrian and German scholars until today when the place bursts with people of all sorts and the town proudly holds the title of one of the most luxurious destination in the Adriatic. Running into Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Prince William or some other celebrity is not so unusual in Hvar, on the contrary.

The rich cultural heritage is obvious on every step; Hvar Arsenal dates back to the 14th century while the above-mentioned oldest European public theatre was founded in 1612. In addition, there is a beautiful St. Stephen’s Cathedral from the 14th century that overlooks the also breathtaking Pjaca (Piazza ) of 4500 m2, the largest and perhaps the most beautiful one in Dalmatia.

Another evidences of the great cultural heritage are the Fortica Fortress on the hill overlooking the town that was completed in the mid 16th century, Loggia from the same era and Franciscan monastery from the 15th century with its valuable museum collection. Also, definitely worth mentioning is Benedictine monastery built on the foundations of the 17thcentury house of poet Hanibal Lucić who was a Renaissance poet from the island and the author of "Robinja", the first secular drama in Croatian language.

Another interesting fact about Benedictine monastery is that Hvar lace or "aloe lace" is made there. Benedictine nuns who live in the monastery make the lace from the threads picked from aloe leaves of agave plants. The lace making in Hvar has been going on for centuries and it has been recognized and listed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

There are many other examples of beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture in the town center and we will let you discover some of them on your own. 

For those culture enthusiasts Hvar offers art exhibits, music concerts, theatre shows and we highly recommend classical music concerts that are a part of Hvar Summer Festival held in the cloister of the Franciscan monastery just on the waterfront.

The obvious highlight of the local cuisine in numerous restaurants and taverns is fresh seafood combined with local olive oil and herbs specific to this region.

Try some of these culinary delights in Hvar restaurants that we love dearly; restaurants Giaxa and Macondo that are located in the centre of old town, restaurant diVino in a fantastic location by the sea yet tucked away from the curious eyes of people passing by and for those who practice  ‘see and bee seen’ lifestyle there is always a famous Gariful restaurant on the waterfront. 

The town is filled with cute little fashion shops where you can find an interesting selection of items made by Croatian fashion designers. 

The place is very famous for its nightlife; from its coffee houses to lounge bars and discotheques Hvar is known as one of the world’s top summer destinations entertainment wise. 

Equally satisfied in Hvar will be the guests that prefer sporting activities as well as those who prefer light and relaxing recreation. The possibilities are infinite – from walking by the seashore to cycling, scuba diving, bay or deep sea fishing, windsurfing, fitness activities, European football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, kayaking, sailing and many more. 

Hvar is also very proud of its beautiful beaches in the town as well as on the islands nearby, especially on the surreally beautiful Pakleni Islands just a few minutes away. You just have to choose if you want a romantic ride on a traditional little boat or you want a speedboat adventure to get there.

The entire Hvar Island is famous for its wine and olive oil production. If you wish to become more familiar with the autochthonous and traditional lifestyle of the islanders, as well as the processing of grapes and olives find some time to visit other island towns of Stari Grad, Jelsa and Vrboska and picturesque inland villages of Svirče, Pitve, Vrbanj, Dol, Brusje or Velo Grablje. In some of those places olives and grapes are still processed in a traditional ways while in others the latest modern technology is implemented. 

For the authentic souvenir look for lavender oil that Hvar was famous for throughout history. Lavender flower and oil from Hvar Island has been largely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

Modern day Hvar is often found as one of the hottest tourist destinations and that is not without reason. The Gods were really generous there; the largest number of sunny days in the Mediterranean, perfectly sheltered port, crystal clear sea… The list is long!

The ancestors left to today’s generations one of the nicest and most harmonious urban areas and today’s residents are aware of the treasures they inherited, therefore they do their best to convey that important legacy to future generations and maintain their town as it is and as it was. People of Hvar also generously share their inherited treasures with their guests and their hospitality is well known worldwide.

The town of Hvar really has everything - from decadent cosmopolitan fashion and activities in its clubs, cafes and restaurants through spiritual seriousness of its museums, churches and monasteries to peaceful simplicity of Mediterranean lifestyle and perfect nature scenery. 


International Airport Split
Local Airport Jelsa / 30 km
Town Center Hvar / 1000 m
Beach 20 m
Bar / Restaurant 500 m
Grocery Store 500 m
Supermarket 1000 m
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Villa Eros

Weekly Rates

31.03.2018 - 19.05.2018 €5.320
19.05.2018 - 30.06.2018 €6.720
30.06.2018 - 08.09.2018 €8.680
08.09.2018 - 29.09.2018 €6.720
29.09.2018 - 27.10.2018 €5.320

Weekly rates per property.

With all the extra beds in use, villa Eros can accommodate up to 15 persons.

In case of more than 12 people there will be an extra cost for the use of the extra beds - €50 per person per night.

Weekly rates include: use of all facilities and amenities, VAT, wi-fi, linen, towels, water, electricity, gas,  maid once a week for basic house cleaning only, outdoor parking for two cars.

Free delivery of the first food purchases before the arrival of the guests is provided same as pool and garden maintenance on a daily bases.

Also, team of professionals is at your disposal to quickly remove all possible problems or shortcomings.

Weekly rates do not include: final cleaning, tourist tax and all additional services - separate charges which are to be paid locally.

Final cleaning is charged separately €150.

Maid service is available on request for the price of €12 per hour.

Garaged parking for 2 cars is available on requested for the price of €15 per car daily.

Additional Information

Pets are allowed. 

Smoking is allowed on terraces only.

All additional services upon request prior to your arrival.

Towels and linen are all provided and changed weekly.

Ask the maid for baby cots and baby chairs, washing machine, dryer, safe.

Minimum stay is 7 nights from June 01 till August 31.

Minimum stay of 3 nights is possible out of above mentioned period.

Arrival day is Saturday. Other days upon request.

Check in is at 4 pm and check out is at 10 am.

Car is not necessary.

€800 refundable security deposit is requested in cash and will be returned after departure inspection.

Send a Request for Villa Eros
*All requests will be answered within 24 h. Thank you!

Booking Notes

A 30% non refundable deposit at the time of booking is required and the final balance is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival date.

If the deposit is not paid within 3 days from the booking date we shall assume that your reservation is cancelled. Only after the deposit has been credited to our bank account, the reservation will be definitely confirmed.

The deposit is non refundable.

The balance of the payment must be received 8 weeks before the start of your holiday.

If the balance is not received by due date we reserve the right to cancel the holiday, retain the deposit and to levy cancellation charges according to the prescribed scale set out below.

Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

42 days – 28 days BEFORE the start of your holiday... 50% of total holiday amount

(we keep the deposit and charge an additional 20% of the total amount)

27 days – 21 days BEFORE the start of your holiday... 70% of total holiday amount

20 days BEFORE the start of your holiday - NOT showing up and by INTERRUPTING the holiday… 100% of total holiday amount

Travel insurance highly recommended.

LAST MINUTE BOOKING is possible, 56 days and under before arrival date, but booking must be paid IN FULL after it’s confirmed.

The entire agreed rental fee must be paid even if the property is used by less people that you indicated when making the booking or your party does not use the property for the full period indicated when making the booking.

All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the guest.

All visitors who stay on the island must pay a tourist tax which will be added to your receipt. It is not included in the accommodation fee. Tourist tax is €1.00 per day per adult and €0,50 per day per child between the ages of 12 and 18. There is no charge for children under twelve years of age.

By confirming your booking and paying the advance, you explicitly confirm that you are familiar with the general terms and conditions, and that you accept them.

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