In the peaceful western part of Hvar Town, only 50 meters from the sea and small pebble beaches, you can find four newly-built and beautiful holiday villas, each with a private garden and outdoor pool. A pleasant 15-minute walk along the shore will bring you to Hvar Town centre. Meet Boreas.

Villa Features

Villa Boreas was renovated in 2007. The surface area of the entire estate is 500m2; that includes 124m2 of indoor space and private outdoor pool of 24m2.

Villa consists of a kitchen/dining area/sitting room, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a terrace.

On the ground floor there is a large, open plan kitchen/dining area/sitting room, with French windows opening onto the covered part of a private garden with garden furniture, which leads to the private outdoor pool. On the ground floor there is also one twin bedroom and a bathroom with a shower unit.

In addition to the inside stairs, you can reach the first floor terrace from the garden, by steps leading up from the garden. On the first floor there are two double bedrooms, one twin bedroom and two bathrooms with bathtubs. 

To make your stay in villa Boreas on Hvar Island as pleasant as possible, villa has been equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, DVD player, hi-fi, a direct telephone line and Internet connection.

To protect your peace and privacy, wonderful villa Boreas is only available as a complete unit, with garden and pool.

Four villas have been fitted out with the most attractive, modern furniture, yet each is individual. Each villa has two floors and can accommodate eight people comfortably. 

Named after four winds - Boreas (north wind), Eurus (east wind), Notus (south or southwest wind) and Zephyrus (west wind) - four villas are ideal for family holidays or groups of friends. 

Love at First Sight

Notus worked on a boat which sailed around Pakleni Islands, boat which belonged to his father. He looked like a Beach Boys Dionysus. He also looked completely uninterested in Ines. And Ines had no desire to impose anyone, not even to Dionysus.

It was an extremely hot summer. Ines knew all about Hvar having the biggest number of sunny days on the Mediterranean but she wasn't sure how normal it was for the first rain not to make an appearance from May to the start of September.

Those first days of September the weather was quite heavy, the southern wind was blowing and everything smelled like rain. On the day she was free from work it happened to be raining, finally... But with the rain there was a feeling of melancholy that came to Ines. She needed company and everyone she knew was busy that day.

Last person she could call was Notus.

Since it was raining surely he had not sailed away, she thought to herself. The only question was if he wants to hang out with her. She wasn't too sold on the idea herself, but since he seemed to be the only available person from the friends list and melancholy was getting stronger, she didn't really have a choice.

They met up in the afternoon, in a cafe bar in the port. Conversation was a bit slow at start, this was the first time they were alone after all. But as the time passed, Ines was becoming happier that it was Notus (again by the games of restless Moira) who was her company that day.

It got dark in the meantime. They heard a sound of the wind going through the harbor mixed with the sound of creasing sails from the boats that were safely hidden there. At one moment Ines noticed that she was talking about her last unfaithful love.

Notus was looking at her compassionately while she was talking. When she finished, he suddenly kissed her on the forehead. He told her he knows very well how painful these episodes can be from his own experience.

Ines had a feeling that the after season rain that was showering around the cafes canopy roof, combined with his reaction, had cleaned that feeling of red sand sorrow which was pressing on her heart during the time of the drought.

She was breathing deep at last, free, infinately thankful to the small island, warm rain and the two unpredictable – Moira and Notus.

(The Winds of Fate / Part I)

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