A spacious two-storey villa, old but newly restored, respecting tradition but still comfortably contemporary. Stylized interior, charming terrace overlooking lively bay and a beautiful Mediterranean garden - what a perfect and oh so pleasurable place for a perfect and oh so pleasurable vacation. 

Villa Features

Villa Achelois was built in 1930 and fully renovated in 2006.

Property has 604 square meters with additional 594 square meter garden.

Ground floor has 81m2 plus the 45m2 terrace while the first floor has 71m2 plus the terrace with a balcony of total 21m2.

There are four large bedrooms inside villa Achelois (total of 3 double beds, 2 french beds and 1 single bed), three bathrooms, 1 toilet, large kitchen on the first and one smaller on the ground floor, two living rooms and two terraces – one with an amazing view on the first floor and the other with the garden in front on the ground floor.

Villa is positioned in a way so the clients can enjoy full privacy. Lateral side of the Villa overlooks the garden, while the front side overlooks the orchard where you can spend your time relaxing or eating breakfast and such. Villa offers variety of possibilities – you can sunbathe, you can barbeque, kids can play all around... Also, the concept of a villa made possible for different families/groups to have their privacy.

Two-car parking space is just outside garden gates.

When entering the gates there is a partially shaded courtyard. Large house entrance leads from the courtyard to the very spacious L-shaped living room/dining room/kitchen with a big open fireplace and the two sofas which can serve as extra beds. Additional doors separate L-shaped space from a two-bed bedroom with en-suite toilet room and a sink.

There is a separate bathroom with a shower unit on the ground floor as well. Also, there is an additional two-bed bedroom with en-suite bathroom on the ground floor but that one can be entered only from the separate entrance in the courtyard, not from the main house entrance.

Ground floor is connected to the first floor through the stairs that connect downstairs living room with an upstairs living room. First floor consists of a spacious and modern kitchen and two two-bed bedrooms – one with a double bed and one with separate beds plus one large bathroom with a bathtub.

Interior breeds a cosmopolitan spirit, which is understandable since its owners are cosmopolites in every sense of the word.

Villa is just 200 meters away from the centre of the town and approximately five-minute walk to the nearest town beach suitable for children.

It is an ideal place for both families and groups of friends. It is away from all the loud noises yet close to important town contents and just a 20-minute drive away from exciting Hvar nightlife.

Love at First Sight

One spring morning the ship arrived to the port. It was just like any other morning; scent of almond blossoms filling the air and seagulls squawking beneath spring blue sky and above the sea that reflected its blueness.

The only difference was that ship brought Achelois – ship was means for her escape.

She figured this beautiful Mediterranean island is the best possible choice for her breakout from reality. She booked a nice villa located in even nicer little town with rich historic background. Achelois spent the island days enjoying the nature walks, exploring the town secrets, trying out food and wine and reading books on the villa terrace.

Once the sun would go down, Achelois would drop everything she was doing and concentrate on the silver moon rising. She was just observing it carefully from the terrace. Her first night there it seemed that moonshine was somehow brighter in the island but she guessed it was just her imagination. Next evening she thought she saw a familiar face appearing on the moon surface, but she shook her head in disbelief and went to sleep.

The third night she was waiting anxiously for the moonrise - he was still there. Smiling this time. Achelois felt moon rays dancing playfully in her hair caressing her face, her neck and her arms ...

Each night Achelois was on the terrace waiting for the moon and longing for the unpredictable play that moon rays were performing. She doubted no more that her coming to that villa was predestined. Pain of loss she felt upon her arrival was subsiding each day while she became more and more at peace.

Moon face would smile at her warmly each night and embracing its rays it was clear that love doesn’t end with the end of earthly life.

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