Thoosa is a story about unexpected views – a view of the island as well as of life itself. It is told by a writer who has discovered the profound beauty and precious soul of Thoosa - a magical house with the most comforting, healing views.

Cottage Features

When you get to the top of the village of Svirče and leave your car at a private parking lot, a few steps down a small village street lead you to the estate. The entrance to cottage Thoosa is on the left side of the street.

Having passed through the gate of the estate, you will find yourself surrounded by stone walls in a typical Dalmatian courtyard shared by three houses – cottage Thoosa and two neighboring houses. If you by any chance meet the neighbors, say hello and wink – they happen to make good olive oil and smooth wine. 

The courtyard in front of the cottage abounds in greenery, lemons, tangerines, and sago palms. Heading straight from the gate, you reach the entrance to the cottage. In front of the cottage there is a foldable awning and an outside set of table and chairs – just in case you want to spend time in the backyard. 

Thoosa covers about 110 square meters of interior on two floors (50m2 + 60m2), with the upper floor terrace covering 70 square meters and the lower floor terrace covering 50 square meters.

After entering the cottage you find yourself in a hallway, which also serves as a kind of a closet space. From the hallway you see three doors; the kitchen door to the right, the door of the first bedroom with a matrimonial bed to the left, and the door to the second bedroom with a matrimonial bed right in front of you.

Each room has its own exit to the upper terrace. The rooms, as well as the entire house, have been decorated to blend the spirit of socialist past with antique and modern pieces of furniture. The wooden floors – fishbone parquet – enhance this image.

The kitchen, which also has its own exit to the terrace, has a traditional old-fashioned terrazzo floor we personally adore.  It has a dining table for 6 and a sofa; the kitchen is fully equipped, with a counter top made of quality marble.

When you come out to the terrace, be it from one of the rooms or from the kitchen, prepare for a spectacle. This is one of the top 10 views on the island of Hvar, and we claim full responsibility for this statement. The problem is whether you can endure 24 hours on that terrace, because that is the only way to take in all the beauty of surrounding nature, its changing colors, and the way it follows the sun.

The upstairs terrace is also covered with the terrazzo floor; it has a dining table for 8 people, an outside sofa, a hammock, and an extra marble table. A third of the terrace is shaded with a combination of wood and roof tiles. The first bathroom with an amazing view, a bathtub, and a shower, is located to the right of the terrace.

We are done with the first floor; now we are coming back to the entrance door, taking about 12 steps down across the courtyard to the left, and entering the ground floor of the cottage. We have reached the traditional "konoba", which has been charmingly redecorated into a fully equipped summer kitchen with a dining table for five and a fireplace.

To the left you will see a large antique green wood door. That space is a magical area forbidden for regular visitors. Any attempt to enter will turn you into a cucumber. And you don’t want to spend your life as a cucumber, do you?

So, let’s continue. From the summer kitchen you have to pass through a large brown wooden door to the pool area. After the door and before the pool area there is the third double bedroom to the left and a door to a bathroom with a shower to the right. The third bedroom also has a matrimonial bed, two extra single beds and access to the downstairs terrace with the pool area.

The pool area has a covered structure on the right, it can be used as a pool bar – or anything else – open to people’s imagination. The pool size is 7m2 with a huge palm tree covering the pool. In the pool area you can also find a granite table that can serve as a dining table for 4 persons and loungers. This area is excellent to enjoy early breakfast, but it is equally sexy during any time of the day … The whole pool area is shaded with natural plants, the nearby jungle.

Unfortunately, our Thoosa journey has to end here. Though we do love them all, we have to admit that for some properties we enjoy writing texts more than for others.

Thoosa is not classical luxury in the material sense but we believe there is that other kind of luxury that cannot be bought with money, but only with a heart, intellect and a specific taste in beauty; Thoosa will make many people happy, whichever cosmic road leads them to the planet of Hvar.

And yes, we forgot to mention that cottage Thoosa was completely renovated 2 years ago, and that the house dates back to the 1800s. So don’t even think about messing with the magical room behind the green door…

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