Cottage Iris is a little, rustic stone house situated 100 meters away from a beautiful pebbly beach on the south side of Hvar Island. Iris has an amazing garden with an absolutely perfect view of the sea, Italy, islands of Vis, Korčula, Sušac and a small set of islands named Lukavci.

Cottage Features

Cottage Iris is located in the small village of Bojanić Bad on the south side of the island. In the vicinity of Bojanić Bad you will also find villages of Ivan Dolac, Zavala and Sveta Nedjelja which are all known by their beautiful nature and mesmerising beaches. You will also be able to shop for groceries in the above named villages and find some lovely restaurants there as well.

Set about 10 minutes away by boat is a famous Adriatic gem, the island of Šćedro, which we definitely recommend visiting. Rare people know for the small island of unspoiled nature, extraordinary gastronomy offer - fresh fish specialties and excellent wine.

Cottage Iris was built in 1968 and completely renovated in 2009.

It has 45m2 of indoor space with additional 100m2 of courtyard with garden.

Cottage itself has two bedrooms. Double bedroom is on the ground floor and triple bedroom on the first floor. Ground floor is equipped with fully set up kitchen and a bathroom with a shower cabin.

Room in the ground floor has two single beds, wardrobe cabinet, table with two chairs and a cabinet with LCD satellite television.  Ground floor bedroom is connected to the upstairs triple bedroom by a wooden stairway. 

If required the upstairs room can be detached by a separate entrance. The upstairs room has three single beds and a wardrobe cabinet. In both rooms the beds are separate single beds - which could be put together if needed.

Cottage is equipped with wi-fi and air conditioning unit which functions superbly aided by the natural cottage isolation – thick stone walls.

Cottage Iris has a spacious courtyard tiled with stones and a beautiful large garden full of Mediterranean plants.  Within the courtyard there are two pergolas (shaded sitting areas), dining table, fireplace, stone tiled sink and outside gas stove if you desire to make a meal on the fresh Hvar breeze.

In the divine peace of the garden which can only be disturbed by the sounds of the birds singing, you will find two more siesta chairs, garden set and an outside shower.

Large parking space is located next to the house, shaded by the grapevine covered pergola.

Iris is decorated with love and attention to external and interior details which leave you with the impression that you are staying somewhere which is not just a holiday home but a place where you can feel like you are at your own home.

Kind owners, living in the neighboring cottage, will not disturb you but they will be at your disposal in case you need any help or have any questions while staying at Bojanić Bad.

We recommend Iris to everyone equally, families, couples and friends; anyone who has the untouched nature and beautiful beaches as priority; anyone who prefer a character and a soul over the luxury; anyone who is looking for a small beautiful house near the sea and doesn’t necessarily want to pay small wealth for the experience.

If you are in the mood for some colorful Hvar nightlife you can choose the asphalt road in Jelsa direction which will take you to Hvar in 45 minutes by car. If you feel adventurous you can take the gravel road to Sv. Nedjelja direction which will get you to Hvar in half that time.

Love at First Sight

Touching fable by a Croatian poet Dinko Šimunović is a story about a beautiful, cheerful daughter of kind but very strict parents.

The girl wasn’t allowed to be out in the sun too long like some other kids, to run around carefree, to jump and to swim like all the neighbourhood boys used to. She used to sit behind the window for hours sadly watching the other kids play. As time went by she thought of how much she would like to be a boy.

One day on a picnic with her parents she saw a rainbow, the lady they were visiting told her that if girls were to walk under a rainbow they would turn into boys.

You will need to find out the end of the story by yourself…

I remembered this fable few years back in our agency when I was visited by a man who was picking up keys to his little cottage surrounded by a beautiful meadow. He was also very serious, with an even more serious wife, and a very beautiful quiet daughter. I smiled to the little girl and before she returned my smile - she looked at her parents as she was looking for permission.

In this adorable little house on the south side of the island surrounded with greenery and a heavenly view to the open sea they stayed for two weeks. I met them again when they were leaving. Little girl wasn’t so timid anymore but playful and laughing loudly with her mother.

I asked her what was it that she liked the most staying there.

Little girl replied in a serious voice how one afternoon, when she was playing on the meadow next to the cottage, she managed to touch the end of the rainbow.

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