Imagine a picturesque village nestled on the green hills of a Mediterranean island. Now imagine a wonderfully designed cottage for two with a pool surrounded with a colourful garden near the top of the village... Are you with us? Or are you packing your bags? 

Cottage Features

Even though it was built in 2013, Cottage Chloris leaves the impression of being tinted with past. Maybe because petite Chloris has a strong personality.

Chloris boasts 30 square meters of interior and spacious 200 square meters of exterior.

The estate can be approached both via the village road, accessed through the wooden gate, and from a private parking with only a few steps that lead you to the backyard. The entire estate is surrounded with a lovely stone wall typical of Dalmatia.   

The outside area of the property spreads on several different levels. Part of it is paved in stone, and part of it is dedicated to plants – this area has an herbal garden with lemons, palm trees, bougainvillea, cherries, apricots, olives, all sorts of flowers… All of this natural beauty surrounds a pool of 19 square meters.  

Let’s say that you entered the estate from the parking lot – which will most likely be the case since you need a car in Svirče – a paved path leads you to the entrance of Cottage Cloris. Inside the studio cottage you can see the kitchen corner to the right. Next to the small, cute and fully equipped kitchen corner you will find the door to the bathroom with walk-in shower.

In front there is a dining table for 2 persons and a designer leather chair for relaxing. Beside the kitchen corner there is a very comfortable sofa bed for 2 persons. And finally, there is a glass door that leads to the 20m2 terrace, shaded with the extended roof. This outside area in front of the cottage also has linen curtains – for even more privacy if needed.

Note – before the entrance to the cottage, there is a small storage area with a washing machine, suitable also for leaving your beach equipment or travel luggage.

The interior of Chloris is carefully designed, with cleverly chosen materials and lots of small alluring details we like. The cottage has very high walls and a charming open wooden roof construction, so despite the fact that it is a studio cottage, the space is still airy and spacious. Three windows and a huge glass door in a 30-square-meter area definitely help.

Except the garden and pool area, the inviting outside terraces boast a dining marble table for 2+ people, a wooden coffee table, 2 loungers, and a grill.

We are totally sure you will enjoy the incentive view from the terraces over village roofs into the countryside, vineyards, olive groves, and the wild, wild foliage of the island …

Chloris is not located by the sea, but the sea – as well as the nearest town – is only a few-minute drive away. The advantage of the location is definitely the lack of tourists all around you 24h a day. Horrible, huh? Excellent, indeed.

There is no romantic couple who will not find Chloris one of the most romantic spots ever. Also, there is no artist who will not find this location as one of the most inspiring for his work. After all, its owner is a writer.

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