Calypso is situated in a relaxing ambience of Mediterranean greenery and small holiday cottages. Little garden surrounds Calypso and is ideal for relaxing time with a good book and a glass of Bogdanuša. Bogdanuša means God-given and God-given will be the moments you spend in this serene oasis. 

Cottage Features

Charming and cozy cottage Calypso was built in the 1960s and it was renovated on two occasions – once in 2005 and once in 2011.

Cottage has 65m2 with additional 15m2 terrace and 400m2 garden.

The surroundings are quiet and fabulous - all you hear are the birds chirping, wind in the trees and the sea waves breaking on the shore during the quiet night hours.

There are two two-bed bedrooms in the cottage – one with a double bed, and one with separate beds that can be joined if needed. Living room, kitchen and dining area are all in the same room. The bathroom has a shower unit and a washing machine. All the rooms are accessed from the long hallway that spreads throughout the whole cottage. A spacious built-in closet is located in the hallway as well.

Large glass doors lead from the living room / kitchen / dining area to the terrace with dining table and garden furniture.

Olive and cypress trees together with lavender bushes and their Mediterranean scent give comfort and ease to your senses during time you spend on the outdoor terrace surrounded by green, fragrant garden.

Beach suitable for children is just a minute walk away while the town center is 10 minutes away if you take a relaxing stroll by the seaside.

The cottage cannot be directly accessed by car but the free public parking lot is located approximately 200m from the house.

Calypso Cottage is a great place for a family, for two romantic couples or for a group of friends.

The town of Jelsa is 10-minute drive away, while Hvar Town is 20-minute drive away. Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedjelja are approximately 30-minute drive away.  

Love at First Sight

She was just wonderful, both inside and out. And he was worth the attention – so clever and thoughtful yet so charmingly indecisive. The concept of time was abstract to him. He would change his mind ever so often and no one knew where he’d be in the next hour, the next day, not to mention the next year.

He liked her, but like all great analytical minds, at that point he couldn’t yet figure in what way and to what extend. She was determined, however, in her intention to end this hesitance of his - one way or another.

Without him knowing, she booked a holiday in the sun for both of them in a romantic cottage on a romantic island. When she handed him the plane ticket he firmly declined saying it is impossible for him to just leave everything. He had his job and many other things to think about and simply to put everything on the side and leave – it was not going to happen. She got the message and, without a shred of sadness, she went alone.


It was the best vacation ever. She had the time of her life; she enjoyed the secluded beaches, tasted all kinds of local delicacies, and drank an amazing Jubov wine. She had fun and she met wonderful people. She had a blast!

For three whole weeks she enjoyed her time in a lovely cottage and knew it would be hard to leave all those fascinating shapes, hypnotizing colors and scents of the island. It would be difficult to say goodbye to her chill-out terrace where she read her favorite book every afternoon before going to beach.

It happened one afternoon on her eighteenth day there – she heard the knock on her door, she opened and there he was - her charmingly indecisive friend. And it was clear to her how simple it was all along – if you love someone you have to set them free and the result is always perfect – one way or another.

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