Spacious and cozy Hesperus apartment is situated in the picturesque town of Jelsa. Hesperus has a beautiful view of the town bay and it is located in the nice, quiet area among family houses, just 2-minute walk away from the closest beach and 5-minute walk to the town center. 

Apartment Features

Hesperus apartment is located on the second floor of a family house.

The house was built in the 1970’s; the apartment was added in 2009 and it was finished in 2013.

The interior is 60m2 with additional 20m2 terrace on the backside of the house.

Backside terrace leads to the entrance door of the apartment. Inside the apartment there is a spacious kitchen / dining / lounge area, one double bed bedroom, one single bed bedroom with additional sofa bed, a bathroom with a shower unit and aforementioned front terrace with an exquisite sea view (10m2). One private parking space is provided for the guests.

Not only the apartment has a great location and is close to everything one could need for a pleasant holiday, but also the owners are friendly and willing to help.

In addition, apartment has a very visually appealing interior but what makes it even more amazing is the view. It is just fantastic – the whole Jelsa appears in the front while in a further distance you can see every shade of blue you can imagine. The island of Brac is magically floating in the far back. The view you can enjoy from the balcony is such a treat; it is a pure pleasure for both your eyes and your soul.

We recommend Hesperus apartment for a small family or for a couple in love, but there is no doubt that the apartment’s modern interior and divine view will meet the needs of a few friends who prefer closeness of the beaches and town life.

Town of Stari Grad is 10-minute drive, while town of Hvar is 30-minute drive away.  

Love a First Sight

Not all those who wander are lost. At least J.R.R. Tolkien thought so.

Hesperus had a different opinion on the topic. He thought people should feel good about themselves in their forties, but with him, that wasn’t the case. His life was a series of compromises. He just had an ugly brake up and he just finished filming the last scene of the next blockbuster – another wrong choice since he preferred low budget art films. He took way too many wrong turns and made way too many poor choices in his past.

What he didn’t know, however, is that those wrong turns got him on the right path. One warm rainy evening they brought him to Hvar.

When he woke up that first sunny morning after the arrival on the island he poured himself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and went out on a terrace. What he saw was just stunning ...

He sat down and stared at this beautiful little Mediterranean town that spread in front of him. In the old part of the town the church tower struck noon and he spent the rest of that day relaxing and reading on that same spot. Every once in a while he would put the book down just to rest his eyes on the big blue. He would listen to the squawk of seagulls and the occasional voices of people passing by on the street.

He forgot about the time altogether and just like that the stars appeared on the sky above.

In the very moment when he realized how perfectly in order nature is, he noticed a star on the west – a star brighter and shinier than the rest. He understood then and there how nothing is more important than the present moment.

He felt such warmth and it smelled like home – or was it the warm southern wind combined with fragranced pine trees? Eather way - Hesperus finally understood Tolkien. 

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