Beside its sweet and cozy interior, Erato apartment is proud on its beautiful sea view. Distance to the center is only 200m walk through the picturesque little old streets of Jelsa. The house is settled in relaxing surroundings with other typical Mediterranean houses and green pine trees around it. 

Apartment Features

Erato apartment is a part of a traditional Dalmatian house built in 1926 and renovated in 2007.

The apartment has 90m2 plus two terraces of 25m2 and 35m2.

Stone path leads 30 meters from the parking lot to the front door and terrace with a barbecue unit in front of the apartment. Since the house is on the slope the apartment is on the ground floor on the entrance side, while on the balcony side it is on the first floor.

From a small terrace you enter the spacious living room / dining room / kitchen. Apartment has two double-bed bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower unit.

Through one of the bedrooms you can exit to a lovely terrace overlooking the sea. The view is just amazing.

Apartment has separate entrance and it is positioned inside the house in a way that allows customers a complete privacy. It is on the first floor while the owner occupies the ground floor. The owner is a lady with vivid and pleasant personality. She is a cosmopolite and intellectual who managed to weave her rich life experience into this beautiful apartment which is special not only because of its great view at the old town and the sea but also because it is decorated with such attention to detail; it is definitely one of those accommodations with strong personality.

Erato is filled with paintings, retro furniture ... and gives you that feeling of home away from home. It is suitable for family and friends and YES, we really do love this place.

Town of Stari Grad is 10-minute drive, while town of Hvar is 30-minute drive away. 

Love at First Sight

She left him a note on the kitchen table ... A poem, to be exact.

Erato figured it would be enough for her husband to understand and follow when the time is right. And then, suitcase in one hand and dog in another, she left their fifth floor apartment of one of London’s classy neighborhoods.

I'm all at sea

Where no one can bother me

Forgot my roots

If only for a day

Just me and my thoughts sailing far away

Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul

Please just leave me right here on my own

Later on you could spend some time with me

If you want to

All at sea

You don't need it every day

But sometimes don't you just crave

To disappear within your mind

You never know what you might find

So come and spend some time with me

We will spend it all at sea

("All At Sea" / Jamie Cullum)


Her husband arrived in Hvar after a week and together they spent another two weeks in this beautiful, quiet, and friendly little town on the seashore.

In sunset they would pour each other a glass of delicious Posip wine and sit on the apartment terrace overlooking the sea, the roofs of old houses, the crystal blue sky and they would read poetry. It was their favorite part of the day. The sky would change colors from blue to red, orange, pink… they would read and read, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud to each other.

Carried away like that they would greet the first stars that appeared above them. 

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